#20 Steel T-pin ~ Prym Dritz ~ 1/2 Lb Box

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/4" Steel T Pins #20 Steel T-pin ~ Prym Dritz ~ /2 Lb Box /2 pound per box T-PINS ~ #20 ~ /4" Length - Aprroximately 00 per box T pins come in a variety of sizes for a variety of uses, such as sewing, crafting, corsages, and displays. T-pins have a head bent into the shape of a capital letter T, making them also easier to grasp and see.

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E. Lincoln
September 29, 2015
I needed some t-pins for wet-blocking my hand knitted items. I appreciate the high quality of these pins and the quantity provided. The storage box is sturdy and contains the pins well between projects. I have used these several times now with no signs of rust, wear, bending or rough spots on the pins. The size is perfectly suited to pinning knits to a standard blocking mat. I would recommend these pins to any other knitter or crafter.
W. Derr
November 8, 2014
Outstanding. You get a 1/2 pound box of well-finished steel pins with a 1.25" shaft and 5/16" wode "T". I like these better than the little baggies with a hundred pins within because they are less prone to bending than the bagged ones. The slightly thicker shaft also holds your work more securely that the bagged ones. Half a pound is a lot of pins!
November 24, 2013
These pins were perfect for pinning fabric down for screen-printing and other surface design techniques. They're small enough not to damage the fabric, but sturdy and long enough to secure it. This is a pretty good deal if you're going to need a whole lot of these guys. As you're buying this in bulk, there will be some defective pins in the box, but not enough that it's a real problem. Already recommended to a friend who is really happy with them, and would certainly buy again (if I ever manage to lose my 1000+ pins).
November 20, 2015
Nice thick t-pins. I use these for my fabric stash. Be sure to examine what pin length you want, before ordering, since they come in various lengths. A good, strong t-pin with multiple uses.
A. Taylor
October 9, 2016
Great pins and so happy to have gotten them in time for fall crafting.
March 15, 2017
T-pins worth their weight in T-pins.
April 5, 2017
Perfect. Just what I needed.
Mr. Victor S. Klein
May 17, 2016